Art Workshops

Creative, intuitive acrylic painting workshops

Unleash the artist within!


Location SUBIArtCO, Wexford St, Subiaco.
Time  6.00-9.00pm
Date  Wednesday nights starting 5th April 2017 (for 6 weeks)
Pricing $480 (6×3 hour sessions) OR $450 if you pay before 18th March. $90 per session casual rate (no free canvas for casual. Please bring your own.)

To secure your position, please confirm your booking: (Very limited numbers) or phone Carollyn on 0421 523 464  providing your full name, mobile number, email address, residential address.


Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson’s personalised program of passionate, motivating art workshops are for you if:

  • You want to discover your innermost creative talents
  • You are an artist wanting to elevate yourself well beyond your current level of creativity
  • You are seeking some quality  ‘YOU’ time

So, come and explore, come and paint…  you may just surprise yourself.



  • How to be an independent, intuitive, artistic creator
  • How to ask the right questions and  resolve  problems
  • Acrylic painting techniques, surface preparations, theory, history and drawing
  • Much, much more than you could ever imagine

Relax, let go, laugh, sing, play, be creative, be yourself, but most of all… HAVE FUN!



Minimal paints, mediums and some equipment will be supplied for your use to get you started, plus one stretched canvas 80x80cm, at no extra cost. After this, you’ll need to bring your own acrylic paints, equipment and 3-4 surfaces to paint on as you require.

Click here for the basic equipment required to kickstart your painting dream!



  • You are the artist
  • You arrive at a time that suits you, between the session time slot of 6.30 and 9.30pm
  • You will be guided by myself, alongside other student artists, and encouraged to push through barriers and blocks that hold you back
  • You will be elevated, challenged and nurtured in a safe, positive and supportive environment
  • You will begin an xtraordinary personal journey from the start of your masterpiece, through to completion and hanging

It’s what you make it!


  • Corporate group weekend painting workshops  – Please call Carollyn for more information.
  • Facilitation of School Art Projects.
  • “Italian Summer Art/Culture Search” 2 weeks of art in Tuscan area, Italy with your tour leader Carollyn. Please register your interest now as numbers are limited.
  • AquaTa (Thanks for the Water) AQUATA PROJECT participation. Go to to register for participation or to just follow the project.

For any queries and bookings, please contact Carollyn on 0421 523 464 or email


I look forward to working with you!