Steps to Sacre Coure by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

Steps to Sacre Coure
Painting sc0038
920x60cm approx
Oil on canvas
The front doors to Sacre Coure, the church on Monte Martre, are at the top of the many stairs that lead up to it. As I stood at the bottom of the stairs looking up, I saw small snowflakes gently floating to the ground, melting as they landed on the footpath. My first cold snow experience.

Supporters 3 by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

Supporters 3
Painting sc0051
Oil on canvas
True supporters are those who will sit in the freezing cold rain just to see their favourite football team play.

Supporters 2 by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

Supporters 2
Painting sc0050
Oil on canvas
Staunch supporters sit out in the weather come rain or shine.

Supporters 1 by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

Supporters 1
Painting sc0049
20x29cm approx
Oil on canvas
Sitting under an umbrella in the pouring rain, week in, week out, just to watch a football match, is the dedication of a true supporter.