Steps to Sacre Coure by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

Steps to Sacre Coure
Painting sc0038
920x60cm approx
Oil on canvas
The front doors to Sacre Coure, the church on Monte Martre, are at the top of the many stairs that lead up to it. As I stood at the bottom of the stairs looking up, I saw small snowflakes gently floating to the ground, melting as they landed on the footpath. My first cold snow experience.

On the Edge by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

On the Edge
Painting sc 0032
Mixed media on canvas
The surface of the edge of an old water tank has worn back in interesting ways.

The Streets of Pompeii by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

The Streets of Pompeii
Painting sc0041
90x60cm approx
Oil on canvas
On a bitterly cold, sunny day, walking through the streets of historical Pompeii, the smell of baking bread is in the air. The paved roads are indented by the constant pounding of heavy cart wheels, lined with the relicks and rubble of the past.

Day Dawn by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

Day Dawn
90x60cm approx
Mixed media on canvas
The cliff faces of the open cut at Big Bell near Day Dawn are fragile and dangerous dropping many meters down to the acidic water hole at the bottom.