Press Release on AQUATA- “Thanks for the Water” Exhibition and Community Arts Project


Monday 24th March 2014

What is happening to the lakes? Is it a mirage or is it a river of clear fresh water flowing?

What is happening to the lakes? Is it a mirage or is it a river of clear fresh water flowing?


WA artist says “Thanks for the Water”

West Australian artist Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson has embarked on an exciting new arts and environmental ‘hybrid’ project, currently being launched at Wild Twig Studios, 10 Captains Lane Fremantle, the aptly named AQUATA project combines art with one of the state’s most precious resources – water.


The exhibition itself is called “Thanks for the Water” and presents a culmination of Rhodes-Thompson’s years of works related to the significance of fresh water. It is also an opportunity for investors to pledge their interest.


“I am calling out for anyone interested in taking part in this movement – whether it be through funding, sponsorship or by any other means – to get in contact with me,” commented Rhodes-Thompson. “The project is gaining momentum and we need all the help we can get to keep our water flowing.”


The exhibition showcases a number of stunning water-related works – mostly landscapes and abstract pieces intricately yet effortlessly worked into a celebration of movement, stillness, purity and fluidity. Depicting fresh water, salty water, lakes, oceans and microscopic aspects of water, the paintings illustrate West Australian art at it’s finest.


“Raising awareness of the importance of water and land conservation in our beautiful country is absolutely vital,” adds Rhodes-Thompson, “and what better way to do it than through the beauty, meaning and symbolism of art?”


To arrange an interview with Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson, please contact her directly on 0421 523 464 or by email to


Further information on Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson and the AQUATA Project.

  • Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson is an esteemed West Australian artist who has taken inspiration from her country childhood upbringing in Lake King, as well as extensive national and international travel.
  • She has been a classroom teacher and Art Specialist in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, and with adults throughout Perth and internationally for over 30 years.
  • Having grown up in an area where water was scarce, Rhodes-Thompson became inherently aware of the value of water from a young age, which consequently sparked the idea for the AQUATA Project.
  • The main intention of AQUATA is to involve as many schools and communities as possible to unite country and city dwellers in the quest for water retention and abundance.
  • The idea is to bring the salt, the mud, the lake, the land and the message to the passing people of Perth via a flowing “river” of paintings through various walkways and alleys throughout the city of Perth, documented by a series of plaques.



Hovering Above


Mystical Bed

Rhodes’ final submission 1985

I found this article from the end of my college years of painting.

Sunlight falling on vastness