White Flag (Dido) at the Vic Park Arts Center

Music in the Garden

Sunday “Music in the Garden” at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts was very successful thanks to Kia Thompson and Jim Irvine for guitar backings and support. The nerves were there to begin with, but quickly disappeared  as it was such a relaxed and warm environment, set up under the almond tree. The weather was perfect and the audience were wonderful. What more could you want.

It was a very exciting start and as the nerves subsided we all relaxed and had a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed singing and love to see others going  to a place of memory and finding some emotion in the moment. My pleasure is seeing pleasure in others.

This is just the beginning and I will send out updates for upcoming events for those interested.        http://www.vimeo.com/11053853

Voice healing with Debra Lee

I have recently recorded live with Debra Lee, my first healing CD called “One Voice Carillion”.At the same session, she also recorded “Pure Voice.”

The following words are from Debra who invited me to sing with her.

The intent for this amazing experience was:
• to let people know they can sing. We all have different sounds
• love and believe in yourself
• speak and sound your truth with love

This will bring to your life inner peace, health, balance, harmony and release.

People who have relaxed and listened to Pure Voice feel that it has helped with so many emotional issues, physical pain has disappeared and properties have had amazing space clearings.
Enjoy listening in a quiet environment, please do not play whilst driving.

I believe everything happens for a reason and everything happens in the perfect moment. This wonderful experience came about one night, actually at 3am in the morning. These are the words that came to me: “Open your heart to the voice within”. Healing with voice helps change people on all levels of their being. Belief systems, childhood programming and DNA cellular memory”.

The next incredible experience I had happened to me when I was walking singing along the beach as I do. I started singing so fast, it mesmerized me, then I had this amazing surrendering feeling and I felt I was singing faster than sound, only thing was I wasn’t singing English anymore. These strange sounds came out of my mouth. This feeling was the most extraordinary sense of being I had ever experienced.

Voice started coming through my bodywork on a deep healing level. I am now living my passion and blessed with helping people through healing with divine voice.

Debra also sings spontaneously her healing vibrations on the words on the Tahirih Alive CD,
which is now available at www.starrsaffa.com