Golden Skies

Golden Skies P1180997Acrylic on canvas. Semi abstract landscape of the lakes area of Western Australia around Lake Grace. The warm summer sunset floods the landscape with golden amber light.
The dried water pools on the vast salt lakes with colours ever changing as the light hits the distant shapes,landscapes and water. Layers on layers of thin and thick paint help to create the sense of massive distance between the background and the foreground.
For Sale
Flow Exhibition 2011

Red Ripples on Lake Argyle

I’m in love with Lake Argyle. Such a stunning place with reflections like polished mirrors and rolling wave ripples in the sunset. “Red Ripples on Lake Argyle”1 and 2. Acrylic on canvas. 20x20cm each.

Breakaway Country by Carollyn Rhodes Thompson

Breakaway Country
Painting sc0027
90x120cm approx
Oil on canvas
As the sun sets, the glow of the warm light hits the land highlighting its ruggedness and beauty.